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Champagne Domi Moreau
11, rue du Bas - 51530  Mancy
Tél. +33 (0)3 26 59 45 85 - Fax. +33 (0)3 26 59 45 85
GPS : N 48.98203° - E 3.93578°
If you would love to go up intro the hills to see some of the vineyards but don't fancy driving, then telephone Mne. Nathalie Domi of Champagne Domi Moreau. The charming Enghish speaking guide will pick you up at your hotel or chambre d'hote for a half-day tour of the vineyards. She will drive you around the hills explaining exactly what is going on in the wineyards. She might even
get you trying you hand at it! She then takes you back to her
Nathalie Domi will drive you round the vineyards showing you everything from grape to glass.
family winery in Mancy where her husband willshow you the whole complex process that creates champagne before tasting some of his own refreshing
wines. Champagne Domi Moreau, 11 rue du Bas, Mancy. (03 26 56 45 85)

Philippe Boucheron
Wine Journalist & Broadcaster
Tel/T-Fx : 00 44 19 05 77 37 07
e-mail :

There's no shortage of glilz in Epernay, and tourist there are as inundated by it as they are by sparkling wine. Those seeking an in-depth understanding of champagne may quickly tire of the self-promotion of the big houses. Consider instead a tour with champagne producer Domi Moreau. This family-run operation specializes in educating travellers about the champagne region's history, its various methods of production, and the art of appreciating its finished product.

Friendly Nathalie Domi, who usually leads the tours, takes visitors on a van ride through the countryside, venturing on to unpaved roads that cut straight through the vines. Nathalie then shows visitors her family's vineyard, where she demonstrates the tools used to tend the grapes. The tools concludes in her family's cave, where her husband Max often performs a dégorgement by hand (rather than by machine, as at the big houses) and a corking. There is, of course, a tasting at the end. While Domi Moreau champagne may not be served at the Ritz, it's quite good, and, at €11.80 - 12.20 per bottle, amazingly affordable.
Pickup at the tourist office, 7 av. De champagne (06 30 35 51 07, after 7pm 03 26 59 45 85 ;
www.champagne-domimoreau.com) Tours in English and French M-Tu and Th-Su 9:30am. Closed last 2 weeks of Aug. Reserve ahead.
Vineyard Tour

Champagne Domi Moreau. 06 30 35 51 07 or after 7.00pm or
03 26 59 45 85; www.champagne-domimoreau.com; adult € 20 ; departures 9.30am &/or 2 ;30pm except Wed & during the 2nd half of Aug, the Christmas period & Feb school holidays) runs three-hour minibus tour to nearby vineyards. Pick-up is across the street from the tourist office. Call ahead for reservations.